A pool system that saves you time, money and the environment

One overriding feature that this innovative pool system has with regard to saving your immediate environment, and beyond, is that there is no longer the need to utilize harmful chemicals which, in any case, cost a fortune. Most homeowners with a swimming pool in their backyard need to purchase pH control (chemical) solutions almost on a monthly basis. This (previously) essential item needed to be included on the domestic grocery or home maintenance bill almost on a monthly basis.

Now, with an ecosmarte pool system installed at a strategic and convenient point in your home, always within your reach, such monthly expenses are eliminated. Not only that, time is saved as well. Crucially, energy is being saved across the board if you will. And during the entire monitoring process that this system invites, much is being done to control and preserve the environment in the sense that the pool’s water never needs to be purified or cleaned with harmful chemicals which, as it turns out, is, not can be harmful to swimming pool users.

This is a handy automated device which is an essential domestic appliance for all homeowners who have swimming pools utilizing around one hundred thousand gallons of water almost on a daily basis. Apart from preserving the immediate environment and cutting down on power usage, the smart device helps home owners enhance their esthetic convenience and improve their timekeeping, freeing them up for other tasks which require manual input and, of course, giving them more time for relaxation and entertainment in and around the swimming pool.

Like all autonomous members of IoT, this device never stops working. You can be away from home for a few days and your pool will still be cleaned without putting a damper on your power bill and the environment.